All of our rooms are single occupancy, apart from one shared room suitable for couples or for those that prefer company. Most rooms offer ensuite facilities.


In keeping with our "home away from home" philosophy, residents are encouraged to bring pictures, mementoes and smaller items of furniture in order to personalise their room. Rooms at the front of the house have a spectacular view across Morecambe Bay to the hills of the Lake District. Rooms at the rear of the house have a view of our garden. All rooms are equipped with a fully monitored nurse call system.



Showering and Bathing

The main floors each have several bathrooms, containing several different types of assisted baths to suit different resident needs and preferences.

Our most recent addition is a "wet room" which allows the resident to enjoy a full shower while seated in the comfort of a shower chair. The carer stands behind a portable shower screen to stay dry!


Communal Facilities

We have two main lounges. One lounge is at the front of the building and looks out onto Morecambe Bay. Our second lounge provides an excellent view of the rear garden.

Our main dining room is adjacent to the ground floor lounge. Residents may choose to eat some or all of their meals in their bedroom, if they wish.